Toolkit | Demand Oversight of State Level Beef Checkoff Dollars

The Beef Checkoff Program charges farmers $1 per head of cattle for collective beef advertising programs. Fees are mandatory, from the smallest local farmer to the biggest industrial operation, and government is using it to pick winners and losers and stifle competitive markets.

Often, the state and federal governments do not even know where your hard-earned money is going. For example, an employee of the Oklahoma Beef Council constructed a financial scheme going back nearly ten years and costing the farmer-taxpayer of Oklahoma roughly $2.6 million. However, nobody has investigated prior years, and no one except for the sole employee under investigation has been fired or held accountable.

Ask your State Auditor, Attorney General and Budget Committee to audit the federal beef checkoff dollars in your state. Under the federal Beef Checkoff Program, each state’s beef council keeps up to 50 cents of the $1 federally-mandated fee. In 2005, these dollars were declared government taxes rather than producer fees, yet unlike other federal funds handled by the states, they are neither audited nor appropriated. Demand your tax dollars be audited and appropriated.

Use the toolkit below to call for an audit of the federal beef checkoff dollars in your state. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. When you receive a response, please forward that response to us at [email protected]. This is a national effort, and we need your help.

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