OCM Board and Staff


President: Mike Callicrate, a cattle producer from St. Francis, Kansas, and owner of Ranch Foods Direct, a direct marketing beef company
Vice President: John K. Hansen, President, Nebraska Farmers Union, Lincoln, Nebraska click for bio

Secretary: Judy Heffernan, director of the United Methodist Church’s Heartland Network for Town and Country Ministry, Rocheport, Missouri

Treasurer: Don Stull,Professor of Anthropology, University of Kansas author of Slaughterhouse Blues, Lawrence, Kansas click for bio
Director: Merton (Cap) Dierks, former Nebraska state senator and member of the Agriculture Committee, Ewing, Nebraska
Director: Joe Logan, Kinsman, OH. President of Ohio Farmers Union.
Director: Vaughn Meyer, raises cattle, farms and is a member of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board, from Reva, South Dakota

Director: Paul Muegge, a farmer and former state senate Agriculture Committee Chairman from Tonkawa, Oklahoma

Director: Richard Oswald, a farmer, freelance reporter and President of the Missouri Farmers Union, Langdon, Missouri click for bio

Director: Chris Petersen, a hog farmer from Clear Lake, Iowa
Director: Thomas F. “Fred” Stokes, retired military and cattle producer, Porterville, Mississippi
Director: Mike Weaver
click for bio
Office Manager: Pat Craycraft, ocmlincoln@msn.com

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