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OCM is the only national think tank focusing strictly on antitrust and trade policy in agriculture for the preservation of America’s independent family farmers and ranchers. We initiate an extensive research and communications program to distribute knowledge and information about true free market principals in the American tradition. Keep checking back as we continue to update our Policy & Research webpage.

Basis for OCM’s FOIA Claim Regarding Beef Checkoff Program
The Organization for Competitive Markets is pursuing an ongoing Freedom of Information Act complaint in federal district court to get to truth on how U.S. cattle producers’ beef checkoff funds are being spent. This document outlines the history of misappropriations of beef checkoff funds and the basis for our claim. Read more.

Money Talks, but Its Language Is Vulgar
With a highly-concentrated industry and uncontrolled lobbying on elected officials, there is no way for ordinary people to expect their voices to be heard over the sounds of spending by huge vested interests. This document provides an overview of agribusiness spending in the 2016 election cycle. Read more.

GIPSA and Value-Based Marketing
Value-based marketing, or social responsibility marketing, appeals to consumers’ ethics and values. Proposed GIPSA rules, which would provide basic protections for poultry growers, signal a beginning, not an end to value-based marketing. Read more.

Distorted Incentives: The Simple Arithmetic of Captive Supply
Marketing agreements harm feeders selling on the cash market, and they also harm captive feeders who participate in these marketing agreements. This document explains how these agreements work. Read more.

When Small Is Big
By David A Domina & C Robert Taylor, PhD
Livestock economists who look only at cash movement and do not analyze profitability outcome sometimes conclude that the effect of market power and captive supplies is “small.” They dismiss this “small” impact lightly, but ignore the fact that the impact they concede is the difference between profit and loss – the economic equivalent of the difference between life and death. Read more.

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