Special Report: The End of the Trail – How Government Destroyed Free Markets for Family Ranchers

Written on:July 23, 2014
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Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack’s inaction has led to the near-destruction of American family ranchers. Over 17,000 family ranches will disappear this year. Over 100,000 family ranchers have left the profession since 2009. It’s a tragedy as world-renowned American beef experiences record-high prices, grocery retailers seize increasing shares of beef dollars, meat packers manipulate the beef market and prices paid to ranchers, and the ranchers are denied the rewards resulting from raising the best cattle in the world. The problem is made worse because government refuses to enforce the antitrust and GIPSA laws enacted over one hundred years ago to protect consumers and ranchers. The ranchers’ trade associations have been commandeered by pharmaceutical companies, meat packers, and multi-national agricultural companies. Ultimately, America’s food security is at risk and the prices you pay will rise as government allows the end of free markets and family ranchers. This is a special report deserving your attention. The printed report is available in the show’s viewer.

Guests: Robert Taylor, Bill Bullard, Dudley Butler, Mike Callicrate
Learn more at: Organization for Competitive Markets

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“Hard Times” – Don Edwards

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Missouri Amendment One; An Easier Road to Multinational Corporate Food Takeover

Written on:July 3, 2014
Missouri Amendment One; An Easier Road to Multinational Corporate Food Takeover

“This is our constitution, corporations stay out!” – Lt. Governor Joe Maxwell For Immediate Release: During their August 5th primary election, in addition to selecting candidates for the November election, Missouri voters will decide whether or not the so called right to farm and ranch shall be inserted into their state constitution. OCM urges Missourians to vote no on Amendment One. OCM is distressed by such narrowly defined and clearly…


Confronting The Lie: Open Letter to Steve Dittmer

Written on:June 24, 2014

June 24, 2014 Dear Mr. Dittmer, After reading Mike Callicrate’s article about you in the OCM newsletter, I feel compelled to respond to your recent blog about me and the good hardworking employees at GIPSA that I was honored to lead. Two old sayings come to mind when dealing with you. First is “a wise man has something to say and a fool just has to say something”. The other…


Farmers in America have a saying: “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu”.

Written on:June 16, 2014

Mid-sized farmers are stuck in the middle – too conventional and “toxic” for the foodies, too small to matter to Big Ag corporations. How do you participate in the food debate without becoming part of the menu? Or, with friends like these, who needs aliens? By Richard Oswald Farmers in America have a saying. “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu.” This reminds me of a Twilight…


Chipotle: Selling Idealism – Delivering the opposite

Written on:June 16, 2014

The May 13th article, Soaring Earnings of Chipotle’s 2 Bosses Raise Investor Unease, inspired the following story of my experience with Chipotle: Years ago, when I first saw the Chipotle big burrito, “Food with integrity” bill board, I thought what a great marketing campaign. But was it true? I was part of an effort at Colorado College to replace Sodexo with Bon Appetit. Sara, a young student activist was leading…


The Politics & Economics of Food – A presentation at Lamar Community College March 2014

Written on:April 14, 2014

click to enlarge I studied Animal Science at Lamar Community College in 1972 and 1973 prior to completing my Animal Science degree at Colorado State University. A lot has changed in agriculture as Land Grant institutions have taught students that agriculture is a business, not a way of life, steering us well off the path of a sustainable food system. Hopefully we can see a shift back from the destructive…


Ruling Upholding Meat Labeling Rule Vacated to Consider First Amendment Issue

Written on:April 11, 2014

Reproduced with permission from The United States Law Week, 82 U.S.L.W. 1479 (Apr. 8, 2014). Copyright 2014 by The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. (800-372-1033) http://www.bna.com The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit April 4 agreed to rehear en banc a March 28 panel ruling that a group of meat industry representatives was unlikely to succeed in their challenge to a rule revising meat labeling requirements and therefore…