Failed Promises

Written on:August 20, 2015
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By J. Dudley Butler

When Obama made grandiose promises about protecting farmers’ rights

Many farmers were hopeful and saw a glimmer of light

They turned out and supported Obama in his time of need

Obama appointed Vilsack and Holder and told them his words to heed

They gave grand speeches and promised big change

But in the long run it was just more of the same

Vilsack appointed Butler who knew the law and the facts

But Vilsack was too naïve to prepare for the vicious attacks

He continued at first to promote farmers’ rights

But he was too weak to handle the way big business fights

And there were those inside USDA who cared not about farmers’ rights

MacMillan’s and Glauber’s futures lay in leading the corporates’ fight

Vilsack ran for cover and left Butler along with farmers on their own

While he cowered, made excuses and tried to atone

And where was Holder the President’s lawyer in chief

He who made all the promises to rid farmers of their grief

He made bold promises to correct the corporate antitrust evil

But the only rights he was focused on were after the word civil

Yes they were nowhere to be found while Butler continued to fight

You see they had slipped away like thieves in the night

And Obama stood aside because he didn’t want to rock the boat

He was running for re-election so he needed big money and their vote

So the donations were gobbled up by politicians on Capitol Hill

That gave the corporate lobbyists the green light to go in for the kill

And meatpacker minion, Pat Roberts, was so excited he was hard to restrain

So I nicknamed him “catfish” because he has big mouth and tiny brain

We hope they soon will all be gone and it’s good riddance for sure

But the farmers and their friends will endeavor to endure

Yes the old politicians made their promises and gave their solemn vow

But farmers are left to beg for help from the new politicians now

The time will go on because it is a never ending game

The politicians will change but the story is the same

They will make big promises, strut around and give their talks

But big money always prevails and the farmer just walks

Many farmers have gone back to the country to wonder what could have been

If Obama, Vilsack and Holder had stood strong like genuine leaders of men

J. Dudley Butler
Butler Farm and Ranch Law Group PLLC

17th Annual Food and Ag Conference

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