OCM Board of Directors

President: Don Stull, Professor of Anthropology, University of Kansas and author of Slaughterhouse Blues, from Lawrence, KS
Vice President: Vaughn Meyer, raises cattle, farms and is a former member of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board, from Reva, SD
Secretary: Judith Heffernan, director of the United Methodist Church’s Heartland Network for Town and Country Ministry, from Rocheport, MO
Treasurer: Jonathan Buttram, poultry and cattle farmer and president of the Alabama Contract Poultry Growers Association, from Albertville, AL
Director: John W. Boyd, Jr, fourth-generation black farmer, businessman and civil rights activist, and Founder and President of the National Black Farmers Association, from Baskerville, VA
Director: Mike Callicrate, OCM founding member, cattle producer and owner of Ranch Foods Direct, a direct marketing beef company, from St. Francis, KS
Director: Al Davis, cattle producer and former state senator from Hyannis, NE
Director: Webster Davis, owner of Triple D Produce and founder and Chairman of the State of Missouri NAACP Agriculture Committee, from Auxvasse, MO
Director: Paul Muegge, farmer and former state senate Agriculture Committee Chairman from Tonkawa, OK

Director: Chris Petersen, hog farmer from Clear Lake, IA
Director: Barbara Ross, longtime leader in faith-based outreach for sustainable agriculture and rural communities, from Jefferson City, MO
Director: Fred Stokes, OCM founding member and cattle producer from Porterville, MS