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Tyson Wins New Trial as Court Reverses $10 Million Verdict
The Oklahoma Supreme Court Tuesday reversed a $10 million jury verdict against the Tyson Foods in April 2010 and ruled the company is entitled to a new trial in a case brought by contract chicken producers in McCurtain County.

Speak Your Piece
3-1-12 Daily Yonder
Speak Your Piece: Antitrust Law Peverted, by C. Robert Taylor
The worries about the power of Wall Street have their roots in rural America. More than 120 years ago, rural Grangers and Populists were warning about concentrations of business power. Maybe it’s time we listed to our rural forebearers.

WASHINGTON – Senator Chuck Grassley today said he’s introducing his bill that would make it unlawful for a packer to own or feed livestock intended for slaughter.

GUEBERT: Cattlemen fishing, in checkoff-style
Most state beef councils spend less than a thin nickel per year per person to promote beef in the most populous states and 30- to 100-times more in states with more cows than coyotes. Is the goal of the beef checkoff to convince cattlemen that the checkoff is good or convince consumers that beef is good?

EXCLUSIVE: Monsanto chief accuses rival DuPont of deceit
The chairman of agribusiness giant Monsanto demanded Monday that his counterpart at DuPont – his firm’s leading competitor in the seed business – appoint a special committee to investigate what he said was a pattern of covert attacks on Monsanto’s business practices by DuPont

The U.S. versus Monsanto?
Big Agriculture better watch its back. Obama’s antitrust lawyers just rode into town

Behind Some Of The Numbers At JP Morgan
Posted by Rick Stineon April 13, 2011
J.P. Morgan reported some strong earnings today. But what this bloggers eye were some of the sub-numbers in the earnings report. The bank booked $1.8 billion in investment banking fees. But don’t be fooled – that wasn’t from big M&A advising. But $429 million was in advisory fees. Instead, that $1.3 billion + remaining fees number came from equity and debt underwriting, with the big piece coming from debt – a quarterly record of $971 million for the bank.

Opening Up a Can o’ Whupass on Monsanto?
The Obama Administration will be taking a close look at market concentration in agriculture as part of its stepped-up enforcement of antitrust laws, the Wall Street Journal reported on Friday.

Federal officials stress the ‘anti’ in antitrust
The Department of Justice and the Department of Agriculture announced last week that they will hold “workshops” to “openly discuss legal and economic issues associated with competition in the agriculture industry.”
Two top federal officials charged with enforcing antitrust and competition laws in the agriculture and livestock sectors came to speak to the farmers and ranchers at the OCM meeting.

Monsanto Even Worrying BIG Ag Now!
The annual conference for the Organization for Competetive Markets is coming next month to St. Louis. Why St. Louis? Central location, and a certain company named Monsanto is located there. So the theme to the conference? “Confronting Threats to Market Competition.”

Monsanto, DuPont square off in turf war
Monsanto, DuPont square off in crop seed turf war
By Carey Gillam
Reuters News, August 18 2009

Monsanto likely topic at competition conference
St. Louis Business Journal by Kelsey Volkmann Date: Tuesday, July 28, 2009, 1:42pm CDTA conference in St. Louis next month will focus on competition in the agriculture market and will likely include discussions about what some farmers describe as Monsanto Co.’s “stranglehold” on seeds.

Monsanto CEO Accuses DuPont of Using Third Parties to Attack the Firm, Requests Investigation
Washington Times (DC) — August 18, 2009 — The chairman of agribusiness giant Monsanto demanded Monday that his counterpart at DuPont — his firm’s leading competitor in the seed business — appoint a special committee to investigate what he said was a pattern of covert attacks on Monsanto’s business practices by DuPont.

Letter from Langdon: The Farmer’s Friend
During a recession, with most prices stable, Monsanto raises the cost of its soybean seed by as much as 42%. That tells you a little about how things work in the food business.

Hot Stocks: Monsanto Focused on Long-Term Growth, but DuPont Dustup Draws Attention From Regulators
Monsanto Corp. (NYSE: MON), the world’s largest seed maker, says it’s on track to more than double its 2007 profit by the year 2012 and is expecting a “technology explosion” to provide even stronger products going forward. But while Monsanto continues to build on its reputation as a cutting edge agricultural business, it is also under siege by competitors and advocacy groups who claim the company is a monopoly.

Group focuses ire on Monsanto
The articles discusses the Organization for Competitive Markets will hold its annual conference on August 7, 2009 in St. Louis to discuss what it sees as unfairness between farmers and ranchers and the corporations with whom they do business.

Farmers respond positively to Obama AG announcment of examination of anti-trust vs Ag Giants

EXCLUSIVE: Monsanto chief accuses rival DuPont of deceit

Farmers Target Monsanto Seed Monopoly Conspiracy

Largest Corporate Dairy, Biotech Firm and USDA Accused of Conspiring to Corrupt Rulemaking and Pollute Organics

Antitrust Enforcers Begin Visiting Farm Belt (Wall Street Journal)

Obama to stand up for small farmers

Small Farmers See Promise In Obama’s Plans

Sell Block: Monsanto’s Growth Choking Out Competition?