Take Action: Support the Farmer Fair Practices Rules

@RealDonaldTrump & @SecretarySonny, America’s farmers deserve protection from corporate abuse. Reverse your decision to end the Farmer Fair Practices Rules. #implementGIPSAnow Click To Tweet

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Stand with America’s family farmers and ranchers and against the predatory and retaliatory practices of large agribusiness corporations. Add your name to call on the Trump administration to reverse their decision to side with large corporations over America’s family farmers.

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Do you want your food produced by family farmers in your community who care about the land, animals water, and air, or by giant corporations that only care about making huge profits? The Organization for Competitive Markets has been fighting abusive monopoly power in agriculture for almost 20 years, but there aren’t enough farmers and ranchers left to take on big agribusiness interests alone. We need your help.