About Our New Executive Director


Anita Poole-Endsley was recently named the Executive Director for the Organization for Competitive Markets. Anita is an agricultural attorney who received both her J.D., and her LL.M. in Agricultural Law from the University of Arkansas. Following the completion of her education, Anita entered into private practice representing farmers and ranchers to ensure they were treated fairly by the companies with whom they contracted.

Anita served for eight years as the Legal Counsel and Assistant to the President of the Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture in Poteau, Oklahoma. During her tenure there, Anita worked heavily in the public policy arena and helped to form both the Oklahoma Food Policy Council and the Oklahoma Farm to School Program. Later, Anita worked with the National Farm to School Program to coordinate farm-to-school activities in seven Midwest states.

Prior to her present employment, Anita was the General Counsel for the American Farmers and Ranchers Company previously known as the Oklahoma Farmers Union. As General Counsel, Anita was responsible for providing legal advice and counsel to both the insurance and farm program sides of the company. She continued to work heavily in the public policy arena, and acted to coordinate all public communication for the farm side.

Anita has written and co-written many books, articles, and fact sheets. She co-wrote eight books focused on environmental rules affecting agriculture in various states, and a comprehensive review of all federal and state food safety laws. Additionally, as a professional grant writer, Anita has written a large number of grants that have been funded to educate farmers and ranchers on risk management skills and market development.

Anita resides in Moore, Oklahoma with her husband Keith and their family consisting of two sons, two daughters and four dogs.

As Executive Director of OCM, Anita is excited to continue the growing movement towards reclaiming fair, open and competitive markets for all agricultural producers.