Advocates Take to Social Media to #BreakUpBigAg


Between Monday, June 10th and Friday, June 14th the Organization for Competitive Markets led a social media campaign called #BreakUpBigAg to support the Agribusiness Merger Moratorium Act. Organizations and individual advocates published their pictures along with statements in support of the moratorium on Facebook and Twitter. In their pictures, participants were holding posters with facts about consolidation in our farm and food systems. These facts included:

“1950s: farmers received 50% of the food dollar. Today: farmers receive 14.8% of the food dollar.”

“From 2007 to 2012, the number of beginning farmers decreased by 20%.”

“3 multinational corporations dominate the market for seeds and fertilizer.”

The action was a success. Altogether over a hundred statements were published as part of the campaign. Some of the statements reached audiences of over 100,000 social media users. Even Senator Booker (D-NJ) used our hashtag, #BreakUpBigAg.

While we were aiming to come out with a strong show of support on the week of June 10th, it’s not too late to participate. You can find instructions here (EnglishSpanish). This campaign is just a start, so look out for more actions to urge our elected officials to support the Agribusiness Merger Moratorium Act. Sign up to receive updates here. And for those who missed it, here are just a few examples of the posts that were published this week.

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Individual Advocates

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