August 13-14, 2020: 22nd Annual Food and Agriculture Conference and Membership Meeting


Consolidation in food and agriculture has reached a point where the top firms in almost every sector have acquired abusive levels of power. This corporate control has allowed these firms to reap record profits, paying lower prices to the farmers and workers who produce our food and charging higher prices to consumers of that food. Under this imbalance of power, abusive practices, including price-fixing, collusion, and predatory contracts, extract wealth from our farms, ranches, and rural communities, suffocate underserved peoples, and swindle us out of any power to build the fair, honest and accessible farm and food system that we need.

Food and agribusiness giants have locked up the marketplace through a business model that contains key tools of control that – not unlike the tentacles of a vine – strangle the life out of others. 

These tentacles include vertical integration, whereby a corporation takes control of an entire supply chain; abuse of checkoff program funds to build political influence and co-opt the face of the family farmer; and regulatory agency capture, which creates a revolving door between industry and government. In addition, corporate giants take advantage of government subsidies, trade bailouts, and lending programs. These corporate tentacles are strangling the financial lifeblood from farmers, ranchers, and our rural communities.

This year’s OCM conference, August 13-14, 2020, in Oklahoma City will highlight several of these key tentacles, helping participants take action in severing their stranglehold. We will bring together experts and advocates from across the U.S. for a rare opportunity to meet in person, exchange expertise, and plan for the fights ahead as we defend farm families against abusive corporate power.

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