August 2, 2019: #AgJustice Webinar with Open Markets Institute


Our #AgJustice webinar series continues on August 2nd at 10:00 AM CT with Claire Kelloway from the Open Markets Institute. This is a presentation exclusively for OCM members that you won’t want to miss.

Claire will outline how the courts, lawmakers, and academics have reinterpreted antitrust laws to allow for unfettered mergers and unprecedented concentration across the entire economy, especially in agriculture. From seeds, to processing, to retail, growing consolidation and anti-competitive tactics across the food chain are squeezing out independent family farms and businesses, but a growing movement is trying to halt and reverse these trends. This will be a great presentation to get you ready for the OCM conference August 8-10th.

OCM members, please check your email for webinar login instructions and mark your calendar for August 2nd! If you have questions, email us at Not a member yet? Join us today.

A bit more about Claire Kelloway

Claire Kelloway is a reporter and researcher with the Open Markets Institute, a think tank dedicated to reforming U.S. antitrust policy to re-establish competitive markets. She is the primary writer for Food & Power, a first-of-its-kind website, providing original reporting and resources on monopoly power and economic concentration in the food system. Her writing on food and agriculture has appeared in the Washington Monthly, ProPublica, Civil Eats, and more.

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