Bonds Ranch – TX. Great Ranches of the West


“The Bonds Ranch is particularly distinctive for a couple reasons. First, it’s the only ranch I visited hosting a full-scale dance studio. Pete’s wife Jo teaches ballet and tap to pre-school through high-school students right on the ranch, bringing a dose of culture to this cattle-centric acreage. Second, it’s one of only a few ranches where I heard favorable comments about the U.S. Departments of Agriculture’s NAIS program. The National Animal Identification System tags each cow by fastening a computer chip to the ear which can be read by Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) scanners. The program is designed to track any ‘mad cow’ or other livestock disease outbreak to its source. Early on, the Bonds Ranch adopted the NAIS tagging process, and so far has had no problems or complaints.”
– Jim Keen, Great Ranches of the West Author & Photographer

Please note that only 13 of 228 full color pages from this self-published book are featured.

This beautiful award-winning 12×11 fine art, hard bound, coffee table book featuring over 30 ranches in 17 states with nearly 600 photographs will make a wonderful addition to any home or office, and be a showing of your support for America’s struggling farm and ranch families.

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