Book Hour: The Meat Racket: The Secret Takeover of America’s Food Business


Family farms and ranches are disappearing at rate of over 10,000 per year. Those who survive are being squeezed by the four powerful multi-national agri-business corporations that control 85% of the meat markets. Their control is eliminating fair markets for food, crushing rural economies, leading to record prices and profits, and creating ungodly conditions for animals with additives, steroids, antibiotics, and genetic engineering that distorts animal physiology. The power of the meat industry and their lobbyists neuter politicians, prevent food and animal safety measures, and destroy the will to implement antitrust enforcement. Author Christopher Leonard talks about this and more in his new book that must provoke you to action.

Watch amazing testimonial videos from producers, animal welfare activists, and former government insiders from the New America Foundation’s conference held March 13th and entitled “The New Meat Monopoly: The Animal, The Farmer, and You in the New Age of Global Giants

Guest: Christopher Leonard
Learn more at: The Meat Racket

by Christopher Leonard
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Music Featured:
“Talkin’ ‘Bout a Revolution” by Tracy Chapman

American History Minute:
The Computers of World War II