Four Questions for Dr. Mary Hendrickson About Fair Farm and Food Markets


We are starting 2019 with a one-of-a-kind educational opportunity for OCM members. Dr. Mary Hendrickson of the University of Missouri is kicking off our #AgJustice webinar series on February 26th. Dr. Hendrickson will be speaking about her research on developing a framework for evaluating the fairness of agricultural markets and sharing her expertise on resisting consolidation.

In anticipation of our webinar, we hosted a Twitterview (Twitter interview) with Dr. Hendrickson. Read on for a few of her thoughts on fairness and competition in agriculture. See you at the webinar on February 26th!

The most challenging #AgJustice question in your academic research?

The most challenging #AgJustice question I research is how to help all farmers, eaters and their communities thrive in today’s food and agriculture system – without damaging natural capital for future generations. That’s a big one! One piece is how we achieve fairness.

Four things to read, watch and listen to in 2019 to better understand #AgJustice?

1. The Publications by iPESFood on Too Big to Feed and Transitions toward Agroecology.

2. Phil Howard at Michigan State maintains the best website on what’s happening with consolidation.

3. Food and Power information published by Claire Kelloway divvies up lots of current info on what’s going on.

4. Pay attention to farmers #dairytogether, Ag of the Middle, farm and food workers #foodchain and the linkage between agroecology and food sovereignty.

Fair farm and food markets in five words?

Competition, trust, transparency, negotiation, ethics.

A striking #AgJustice project or policy from outside the U.S.?

Ioannis Lianos has some fascinating work on food sovereignty and competition.

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