From OCM’s President: A reflection on a year of change for both OCM and our nation.


OCM President Vaughn Meyer
OCM President Vaughn Meyer
Greetings fellow Producers and Consumers,

As I begin to write this report, I must reflect on what a year of change for both OCM and our nation! Nationally with the change of administration we have witnessed new and renewed initiatives to uphold and strengthen independent production agriculture and consumer food security. Also, we are thankful to our Congressional constituents for their growing awareness and actions regarding the plight of family agriculture and its devastating effects to rural communities.

I am also thankful and privileged to work with a great Staff and Board of Director who advocate tirelessly for the necessary changes to defend family agriculture from the grips of global corporate interests. This year we have been very fortunate to have 3 new directors assist OCM in achieving our goals and they are Ms. Jerika Bumbeloe (AL), Dr. Taylor Haynes (WY), and Ms. Deborah Mills (MN). I thank them for their contributions to our board and I especially thank founding member/ Director Fred Stokes for his 25 years of dedication to our organization and industry. Mr. Stokes is currently assisting OCM in an advisory capacity and overseeing OCM’s goals for expanded market transparency through development of more independent processing infrastructure.

This past fall OCM was well represented at the National Association of State Meat Inspectors by CEO Mike Eby, Dr. Taylor Haynes and Fred Stokes. OCM is very fortunate to have these individuals representing us and extending our mission to work together for the betterment of the beef industry.

This fall, in addition to assisting the development of new beef processing infrastructure, OCM has been closely aligned with several proposed legislative bills to increase market transparency through greater packer mandatory negotiated cash market participation. To date, none of the bills containing mandated participation levels have made their journey through congress; however, an extension of the current mandatory price reporting is nearing reality with its recent passage in the House.

RCALF CEO Bill Bullard recently presented statistical justification for mandatory negotiated cash trade based upon the doubling of cash trade within the past 4 months which resulted in $15 market surge for fat cattle. That $15 dollar per hundred weights equates to $195 increase in value for a 1300 lb. steer. He concludes that an 11% increase in negotiated cash market volume is associated with producers receiving $200 per head more for their cattle.

OCM is focused upon continued efforts to developing fair and transparent markets for family agriculture. Successful independent family agriculture is dependent upon the ability of producers to receive fair market value for their produce. OCM is dedicated to creating fair market discovery through independent infrastructure expansion, true price discovery and the right of producers to label their products.

2021 has been and extremely busy year of transition for our country and OCM as well. I am confident that some of the seeds sown in 2021 will become fruition to a brighter future for America’s farmers and ranchers in 2022.

I thank our staff, directors and members for their dedication and support to our mission and wish all a very Merry Christmas with family and friends. May God bless you and America with future peace and good health.