Join us and other groups in the 10 Days To Stop Fast Track


We’re continuing to push.  We have to be relentless.  We have to act again and again and again.  Indeed, for the next 10 days, CPA and over 60 other organizations are jointly asking their members and supporters to contact Congress in a very large push.

Senator Max Baucus and Representative Dave Camp filed the dangerous “Fast Track” bill (Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities Act of 2014) to help the President ram poorly negotiated trade and global governance agreements through Congress.

We asked for a national priority goal of balanced trade. They said no.

We asked for legislation to neutralize foreign currency manipulation.  They said no.

We asked to keep our sovereignty – our domestic policy power – in the U.S., not subject to international tribunals.  They said no.

Instead, we get this Fast Track bill designed to ram global governance deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) through Congress without any amendment or debate.

It was as if we were talking to ourselves and nobody was listening.  They smile, pat us on the head, and do what they want.

Well: we’re fighting back. 

CPA, along with an unprecedented network of advocacy groups, have initiated ten days of coordinated action aimed at halting the controversial “Fast Track” legislation.

More than 60 organizations are working together to oppose Fast Track.

Join the fight!  Make Congress listen!

Tell Congress to oppose Fast Track and support debate under the Regular Order… the ordinary rules of debate and procedures given to every other bill before the House and Senate.

If we get this wrong, the trade deficits will continue eroding the American dream.  And our sovereignty will continue being transferred into the hands of international bodies, not our democratic government.

We can win this.  Even if you acted before, tell Congress to oppose Fast Track to keep its power over trade treaties while protecting our sovereignty.

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  1. I’m a consumer who cares about regulations when they are for animal’s rights because I purchase meat on the basis that it’s for the humane care and treatment of the animals. however, I understand that currently the regulations in place are about profit and big factory farming. I hope the smaller, artisan farmers can get legislation in favor for them.

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