25th Annual Food & Agriculture Conference & Membership Meeting July 28-29, 2023 Kansas City, MO


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OCM 25th Annual Food and Agriculture Conference and Membership Meeting

“2023 Farm Bill Challenges for Producers and Consumers

Marriott Kansas City Airport

July 28 to July 29, 2023

This year’s focus is, “The 2023 Farm Bill,” and the challenges and opportunities it presents for consumers and producers.   Our conference objective is to point to introduced and proposed bills. They will shore up production and improve the survival of independent family style producers who are key to food security.  Prosperous independent production and delivery systems guarantee abundant affordable food. The frightening plight of independent Dairy and Poultry Farmers will be elucidated.  We believe that no matter how much money the Biden administration devotes to small processing, without connecting the supply chain of live cattle all the way to retail, 1.5 billion in grants could all be for naught. To ensure this is not our Country’s fate, OCM will show examples of supply chain connections made in the southeast that can be replicated nationwide. Such efforts organized by OCM will be highlighted during panel discussions. Also, during the conference, speakers including farmers, ranchers, policymakers, researchers, and organizers will share their expertise and experiences in their endeavors for fair and competitive markets.

A panel with Chuck Gabbert presenting the AMP Act (Agriculture Marketing Protection Act); Marty Irby on the Off Act (Opportunities for Fairness in Farming Act), a part of the Farm Bill; Rep. Nancy Mace by Zoom; Deborah Mills and Joaquin Contente on issues for Dairy Producers; and Mike Weaver and Jonathan Buttram on poultry issues.  After lunch Dr. Max Thornsberry D.V.M. will discuss mRNA injection in the food supply and Foreign Animal Disease.

In the afternoon, Chip Perrin of the Coastal Plains Meat Company, Dave Carter USDA, Todd Vowell of Vowell’s Markets, Lamar Steiger Consultant and Todd Clemons of Okeechobee Livestock will  present the developing Southeastern independent beef Supply chain.

Retail opportunities will be discussed presented by Frankie Greco Beef Procurement and Restaurant Owner, Beau Sheets, Coordinator/ OCM Packers Project, Taylor Haynes OCM President, Vaughn Meyer OCM Director and David Wright OCM Director.

The day will wrap up with an open discussion on Politics in D.C. led by Marty Irby.  And finally, at the banquet we will introduce Andy Greene from USDA as our Keynote Speaker.

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