OCM Letter to President Biden on “Made in America”


January 28, 2021

United States President Joe Biden 

The White House 

1600 Pennsylvania Ave., NW 

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

On behalf of independent cattle farmers and ranchers in the United States, we appreciate the “Made in America” ​​executive order you signed on Monday, which strengthens U.S. purchasing regulations and ensures that U.S. workers have a future.

However, please note that since the repeal of the U.S. mandatory country of origin labeling law (m-COOL) in 2015, USA beef is no longer distinguishable from imported beef.  How then can American family farmers and ranchers participate in, much less benefit from your order?

What is most disturbing is the fact that as policy stands, federal procurement programs including school lunches will be receiving beef from foreign cattle.  Based upon your “Made in America” executive order, we can’t imagine this is what you have in mind.  As a solution, OCM  calls upon your administration and/or Congress to reinstate m-COOL.  

Organization for Competitive Markets advocates for markets that are fair. honest, accessible, and competitive for all citizens. Having beef labeled of the country from which the animal was born, raised, and slaughtered is the first step in being honest. We hope to work with you to ensure that American family-owned cattle farmers and ranchers can participate in building a future you envision through your executive order. Most importantly this move will strengthen the domestic food supply chain in the United States.


Mike Eby

Mike Eby, Executive Director (717-799-0057) meby@competivemarkets.com

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