Online Event: Meat Processing and Inspection with Dr. James Dillon


On June 25th, 2020, OCM launched the first video of its summer online event series, a presentation by Dr. James Dillon, Director of the Texas Meat and Poultry Inspection Program.  This video is a great overview of the different types of meat inspection, and discusses the effects of currently proposed legislation that would affect the market access of state-inspected meat.

You can watch the video presentation here:

Here is a breakdown with links to the relevant sections of the video:

Dr. James Dillon Introduction

Meat Inspection Basics

State vs. Federal Inspection

State Programs: Important Terminology

Talmage-Aiken and Cooperative Interstate Shippers (CIS) Programs

Why Choose State Inspection?

Current Events and Challenges

Proposed Solutions and Legislation (PRIME ACT)

Proposed Soulutions and Legislation (Expanding Markets for State Inspected Meat & New Markets for State Inspected Meat)

The Possible Future: More Small/Medium Plants, Niche Markets, Grading Services

Closing/Contact Information

You can also download a PDF file of the slides from the presentation to use as educational materials: OCM Presentation James Dillon Meat Processing

Meat Inspection Title Slide

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