Politico | Farm groups launch opposition to King’s interstate commerce bill


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Farm groups launch opposition to King’s interstate commerce bill: More than 60 progressive farm groups sent a letter to House Agriculture Committee members today saying that they oppose H.R. 4879/3599, which would make it illegal for states to enact laws prohibiting the trade of agricultural goods based on how they were produced. The bill, introduced by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), is designed to thwart state regulations like the one in California that bans the sale of eggs from hens raised in cages.

The groups behind the letter, including the Organization for Competitive Markets and the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, argue the bill would “limit consumer choice, negate the ability of local governments to protect citizens, and sacrifice market opportunities for family farmers, only to benefit a few corporate agribusiness leaders.” The groups also started an online campaign today against King’s bill.

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