Senator Warren’s Speech on Monopoly

Yesterday, straight off her high-profile campaign appearance Monday with Hillary Clinton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren gave a keynote address about industry consolidation in the American economy at a conference at the Capitol put on by New America’s Open Markets program. Though the speech has so far gotten only a modicum of attention—the press being more interested in litigating Donald Trump’s Pocahontas taunts—it has the potential to change the course of the presidential contest. Her speech begins at minute 56:45 Read More …

Restoring Economic Health to Beef Markets

restoringbeefmarkets C. Robert Taylor and David A. Domina Law have released a paper addressing how to restore economic health to the beef market. The paper addresses market power in the food industry, the status of the U.S. Beef Market for slaughter in 2010, the status of contract swine production in 2010, a detailed description on the flaws of the beef market and solutions to fix the problems.