“United States of America is being extracted through banking, trade and taxation!” – Dylan Ratigan


“It’s not an opinion, it’s a mathematical fact, tens of trillions of dollars are being extracted from the United States of America.” – Dylan Ratigan

Dylan Ratigan is mad as hell. Infuriated by government corruption and corporate communism, incensed by banksters shaking down taxpayers, and despairing of an ailing health care system, an age-old dependency on foreign oil, and a failing education system, Ratigan sees an America that has allowed itself to be swindled and robbed. In Greedy Bastards, his first book, he rips the lid off our deeply crooked system—and offers a way out.

This country, now more than ever, needs passionate debate and smart policy, a brazen willingness to scrap what doesn’t work, and the entrepreneurial spirit to try what does. Ratigan has compiled brash and fresh solutions for building a new and better America, and with this book he has started the debate America deserves.

You’d call this guy crazy if he weren’t brilliant, concise and 100% right-on-the-money.