Membership Webinar Archive

August 2019: Claire Kelloway from the Open Markets Institute: America’s Concentration Crisis

Claire Kelloway outlines how the courts, lawmakers, and academics have reinterpreted antitrust laws to allow for unfettered mergers and unprecedented concentration across the entire economy, especially in agriculture.

May 2019: Zoe Willingham and Abril Castro from the Center for American Progress: Structural Racism at USDA Nearly Wiped Out Black Farmers

Zoe Willingham and Abril Castro share their research on the history of structural racism at the USDA and its contribution to the loss of black farms. They present exciting proposals that would begin to help black farmers rebuild wealth by affirmatively supporting the growth of black-owned and -operated farms. They also share CAP’s expanding contributions to antitrust research and policy.

February 2019: Drs. Mary Hendrickson and Harvey James: Power & Fairness in Agricultural Markets

Drs. Hendrickson and James speak about their research on developing a framework for evaluating the fairness of agricultural markets and sharing her expertise on resisting consolidation.