ZZ Ranch – AZ. Great Ranches of the West



“Dan Bell is widely recognized in Arizona for his expertise in renewable natural resources. He holds a degree in range management from the University of Arizona and cares passionately about preserving the environment of his family’s ranch. So he advised the biologist and bridge design teams that if his cattle were not allowed to eat down the willow shoots around the stream, willow trees would flourish and soak up the limited flow of water, resulting in no stream, and no more Sonora Chub. He was right. Today, several years later, I marvel at the stand of willow trees towering over the bridge on all sides – and there is no stream.”
– Jim Keen, Great Ranches of the West Author & Photographer

Please note that only 13 of 228 full color pages from this self-published book are featured.

This beautiful award-winning 12×11 fine art, hard bound, coffee table book featuring over 30 ranches in 17 states with nearly 600 photographs will make a wonderful addition to any home or office, and be a showing of your support for America’s struggling farm and ranch families.

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