OCM Needs YOU!


Executive Director

The Organization for Competitive Markets is working diligently on behalf of farmers and ranchers to provide for fair, open, transparent and competitive markets. Washington is ripe with strife and we are at a CRITICAL JUNCTURE which will decide the future of how business is conducted in agriculture! “Big Ag” is marshalling its considerable forces against the Producer Rights rule known as the GIPSA Rule. Industrial Ag leaders are lobbying your representatives to make decisions against YOUR interest! Help us to help you!

OCM operates on a shoe string budget funded historically through memberships,
grants and donations. Just as we are reaching farm bill crisis, funding is at a historical low. One of our major funders (a feedlot) has gone out of business and a foundation that formerly provided support for OCM has deemed
competitive market issues to be outside their guidelines. We are having financial problems at a critical time, when major issues are at play. To continue fighting for you, OCM needs your s u p p o r t NOW .

Any donation you make to OCM is tax deductible due to our being recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit. That means that should you, or someone you know, need a deduction for your annual tax responsibility, a donation to OCM
will result in OCM providing the needed documentation for you to claim the
deduction on your 2011 tax debt. You can help fight for competitive markets
to sell your products AND get a tax deduction!

OCM’s annual budget is utilized to educate decision makers about the necessity of fair, open, and competitive markets. Additionally, OCM produces a newsletter and an email market report to keep members and policy makers up
to date on pressing issues. OCM conducts research on emerging marketing tools and produces an annual conference to educate the public by providing a learning opportunity based on the how agricultural policies affect small to medium sized producers. To accomplish these tasks, OCM employs a dedicated
skeleton staff and relies heavily on volunteer efforts.

We can do a lot with very little, but much like the rest of the nation, we
are in an economic crisis. Your tax deductible donation, membership renewal, or referral to a friend will make a huge difference. Donations can be made to “OCM” and mailed to:
Organization for Competitive Markets
P. O. Box 6486, Lincoln, NE 68506

Will you help?AE