OCM Needs YOU!

Anita ENDSLEY Executive Director The Organization for Competitive Markets is working diligently on behalf of farmers and ranchers to provide for fair, open, transparent and competitive markets. Washington is ripe with strife and we are at a CRITICAL JUNCTURE which will decide the future of how business is conducted in agriculture! “Big Ag” is marshalling its considerable forces against the Producer Rights rule known as the GIPSA Rule. Industrial Ag leaders are lobbying your representatives to make decisions Read More …

Briefing Paper: When Small Is Big

By David A Domina & C Robert Taylor, PhD Livestock economists who look only at cash movement and do not analyze profitability outcome sometimes conclude that the effect of market power and captive supplies is “small.” They dismiss this “small” impact lightly, but ignore the fact that the impact they concede is the difference between profit and loss – the economic equivalent of the difference between life and death. Read more.