New Organization Launches to Give Political Muscle to Family Farmers


Today, our movement is helping to launch a new organization, Family Farm Action, which will give political muscle to family farmers and rural communities. As a new 501(c)(4) and Political Action Committee (PAC), Family Farm Action will support candidates who stand up for independent family farms and our rural communities, run state ballot initiatives that limit monopoly power over agriculture, and help develop and push for pro-competition legislation.

As we know, most existing political organizations, like the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and National Pork Producers Council, have aligned themselves with Big Ag. Family Farm Action will be a political voice fighting to protect America’s family farms and rural communities from multinational agribusiness monopolies that are destroying rural economies and our way of life.

Family Farm Action is launching by pushing for a new Farmers Bill of Rights to confront excessive consolidation of corporate agriculture, put strict caps on foreign ownership of American farm land, and ensure family farmers have fair access to the market.

OCM’s Executive Director, Joe Maxwell, is proud to serve as the President of Family Farm Action. At the organization’s launch, he said, “American family farmers have many great nonprofit organizations who advocate for family farm agriculture, but it is time all of us family farmers have a political voice. Our freedom and our democracy is threatened by the corporate stranglehold large corporations have on our country; it’s time to fight back.”

Visit the new website, sign-up, and follow Family Farm Action on Facebook and Twitter to join the fight.

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