October – December 2021 Newsletter


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From OCM’s President: A reflection on a year of change for both OCM and our nation.
By Vaughn Meyer

Greetings fellow Producers and Consumers,

As I begin to write this report, I must reflect on what a year of change for both OCM and our nation! Nationally with the change of administration we have witnessed new and renewed initiatives to uphold and strengthen independent production agriculture and consumer food security. Also, we are thankful to our Congressional constituents for their growing awareness and actions regarding the plight of family agriculture and its devastating effects to rural communities. (Read more)

Presentation to: National Association of State Meat Inspectors
By Fred Stokes

First let me thank you for inviting us to plead our case at your convention. I want to especially thank Doctor James Dillon. I’m not sure whether I should refer to him as Doctor Dillon or Colonel Dillon, but we especially appreciate his tolerance and help for our cause over the last couple of years.

For twenty-two years now, OCM has been about advocating for open, transparent, competitive, and fair agricultural markets; for both the buying and selling side of these markets. We have confronted the concentration in agriculture and the resulting monopolies and monopsonies that are the instruments of a rigged system. A system that has systematically and increasingly shortchanged farmers and ranchers and now threatens the very existence of independent family agriculture. Doctor Neil Harl, a well-known former economist from Iowa State University is often quoted as saying; “market concentration and vertical integration are a deadly combination”. (Read more)

The OFF Act – What’s the big deal?
By Taylor H. Haynes M.D., OCM’s Vice-President

The big deal is to investigate the various livestock checkoff programs. This is needed at this time because the referendum promised when the checkoff began never happened. Why has the OFF Act has caused consternation for some so-called cattle trade associations?
It should be clear that a “cattle” trade association that disagrees with the OFF Act does NOT represent cattle producers!

The beef checkoff is a one dollar per head sold assessment paid by those selling cattle. Note, selling live cattle is not the same business as selling beef! (Read more)

Recognizing One of Our Own

Marty Irby – Named one of The Hill’s Top Lobbyists for 2021

“I’m deeply honored to have been named as one of the top lobbyists in the nation for the third year in a row and am truly grateful for the tireless work that our supporters and my colleagues have dedicated to achieve tangible progress for animals,” said Marty Irby, executive director at Animal Wellness Action. “While 2021 has been a very challenging, proximity to Capitol Hill and work ethic are the key ingredients for any successful lobbyist, and I offer my deepest gratitude to The Hill for this honor.” (Read more)

The Organization for Competitive Markets (OCM) opposes Senate Bill S.3229 known as the Compromise Cattle Market Bill
By Vaughn Meyer

OCM President Vaughn Meyer[/caption]OCM President, Vaughn Meyer said, “The mission of OCM is to work for transparent, fair and truly competitive agricultural and food markets and S.3229 is merely an extension of the current lack of market transparency which allows packer domination in the market place”.

S. 3229 introduced by Senators Chuck Grassley (R- Iowa), Jon Tester (D-Mont.), Deb Fischer (R- Neb.) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) is a compromise attempt to combine S. 949, the Spot Market Protection Bill, and S. 543, the Cattle Market Transparency Act of 2021. Under this union the bill crafters have neglected the dire need for the immediate market transparency measures necessary for independent cattle producer and feeder survival. (Read more)

The Off Act
By Marty Irby

The Opportunities for Fairness in Farming (OFF) Act, H.R. 4291/S. 2861, led by Reps. Dina Titus, D-Nev., and Nancy Mace, R-S.C. in the House and Sens. Mike Lee, R-Utah, Cory Booker, D-N.J., Rand Paul, R-Ky., Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y. designed to address the corruption and mismanagement of funds at the USDA’s Commodity Checkoff Programs is making progress this year. (Read more)

Beff Industry – Full Measure News Interviews
Full Measure News with Lisa Fletcher
June 29, 2021
OCM Interviews with Mike Eby and Fred Stokes from DC Fly-In

Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson/Sinclair Broadcast Group
Sunday, October 31st 2021

If you’ve been to the supermarket lately, you’ve probably noticed the price of meat is going up and fast. But while the price you pay has never been higher, many American cattle ranchers say they’re struggling. We sent Lisa Fletcher to Oklahoma to find out why.

When it comes time to feed this prized angus herd, a simple tap of the truck horn gets an immediate response.(Read more)

In Memoriam of M. L. ‘Cap’ Dierks July 2, 1931 to October 22, 2021
Former Nebraska State Sen. Cap Dierks, a champion for rural America, dies at age 89

Cap was born on July 2, 1932 in O’Neill, NE to Lyle and Alys (Sanders) Dierks. He attended Saint Mary’s Academy in O’Neill and graduated from Ewing High School in 1950. He obtained his BS in animal science from UNL and was a charter member of AGS Fraternity. He served in the US Air Force from 1954 to 1956 during the Korean conflict. He then received his Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Kansas State University in 1961. He met his wife Gloria (Zoeller) of Manhattan, KS and they married on December 27, 1958. Together, they have four children; Jon, Tom, Chris, and Stephanie. He loved that his was a fifth-generation ranch.” (Read more)