Take Action

Stop Checkoff Program Abuse
Farmers and ranchers are being forced to pay for their own demise and their ultimate extinction. Voice your support for checkoff program reform at the state and federal levels to help restore opportunity for U.S. family farmers and ranchers. Take action.

Stop the Bayer+Monsanto Merger
There is a merger wave currently underway among the world’s agricultural giants that produce the chemicals and seeds our family farmers need. When they are done, the market will be dominated by two large and two smaller companies — spelling disaster for American farmers and consumers who will see food costs go up and innovation decline. Take action.

Support the Farmer Fair Practices (GIPSA) Rules
Stand with America’s family farmers and ranchers and against the predatory and retaliatory practices of big agribusiness interests. Add your name to call on the Trump administration to reverse their decision to side with large corporations over America’s family farmers. Take action.

Demand Reinstatement of Country of Origin Labeling
Labeling provides consumers with important information for their marketplace choices. It helps guide consumers who want to buy from U.S. family farmers and ranchers rather than industrial multi-national corporations that commingle meat products from several foreign countries. It is in the best interests of U.S. consumers and U.S. independent farmers and ranchers to demand Country of Origin Labeling be reinstated in the U.S. Take action.